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See you in Portland?

Specialty Coffee Expo 2020 (April 24-26)

Oregon Convention Center (Portland, OR)

Booth: 2266

Come join us at the upcoming Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, OR from April 24-26, 2020. As always we will be sampling our all-time favorite signature Tiger Spice Chai® as well as our up and coming Black Rhino Cocoa Chai®. David Rio’s Founders, David Lowe, and Rio Miura, will be at the show as well as our US and International Teams. Our resident artist and social media icon Melannie Aquino will be showcasing her unique chai latte art and will take requests to draw an animal of your choice! Also, we have been working tirelessly to unveil a secret project just for you that is likely to turn heads at SCAA! You won't know unless you swing by! Click here for additional show details or to register today.


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Jul 30, 2023

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