Chai It All

Welcome to David Rio’s “Chai It All” video series, hosted by our Chai-Rector of Sales, Erin-Kate Whitcomb.

“Chai It All” is an instructional video series, intended to provide informative ways to prepare our products in cafes or at home. For more information, you can send any questions you have to David Rio at


Rio's Recipe

Welcome to Rio's kitchen.  In these recipe videos, Rio demonstrates how to make new and delicious seasonal, baked, and hot chai treats with David Rio Chai.  Be sure to watch all the way through for the funny outtakes at the end.

Try it at home and let us know how it works out.






Chai Beat from the Street

From David Rio's "Chai Beat From the Street" Series, this video series highlights local café customers throughout the Bay Area, California as well as a few regional cafés. Baristas and café owners show us how to make enjoyable and delicious hot and cold chai drinks with David Rio's signature Tiger Spice Chai®Power Chai®, and other David Rio products!

What's your beat? Send an email to to have your café featured on our website and YouTube Channel.






David Rio Office Barista

Watch and learn with Brian Cornelsen's "HOW TO" video series.

This video series is designed for café baristas who want to learn the best ways and tricks of the trade for preparing

David Rio Chai.  For more information, you can send any questions you have to David Rio at






David Rio Animal Partnerships

Our official animal welfare partnerships video strives to educate on David Rio's longtime commitment to global, local, and national animal organizations. David Rio hopes to make an impact in the lives of endangered and at-risk animals around the world, with a focus to help the severely depleting habitats of tigers and elephants.


Watch this educational video and learn more about David Rio’s strong partnerships and how you can be involved.






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