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David Rio Inaugurates a Cutting-Edge Wildlife Conservation Ranger Hub in Kenya

Demonstrating a commitment to wildlife conservation, David Rio, renowned as America's premier chai drink supplier, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative in Kenya. The newly inaugurated David Rio Community Ranger Base represents a significant stride towards the safeguarding of rare wildlife species, mitigating the threats of poaching, and resolving human-wildlife conflicts.

Located within the sprawling 28,784-acre Illaingarunyoni Conservancy, situated northwest of Amboseli National Park, this initiative provides a lifeline to unique and seldom-seen wildlife species. This critical wildlife dispersal area and habitat have transformed from its former role as a dry grazing reserve for Maasai herders' livestock into a rich haven, offering essential sustenance for elephants before their journeys to Amboseli for water.

In an official declaration, Azzedine Downes, President and CEO of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), unveiled the David Rio Community Ranger Base, representing a significant milestone in wildlife conservation. IFAW, a committed wildlife protection partner of David Rio since 2011, shares a vision of a world where both animals and humans thrive. This ranger base serves as a tangible embodiment of this vision, delivering protection to wildlife and local communities.

The David Rio Community Ranger Base, thoughtfully designed, offers comfortable living quarters for ten dedicated rangers. These rangers play a pivotal role in ensuring the full-time safeguarding of the conservancy against pressing threats such as poaching. Their responsibilities extend to managing incidents of human-wildlife conflict and closely monitoring both the welfare of wildlife and the integrity of their habitat.

In addition to delivering exceptional chai products, David Rio actively participates in giving back to the community and protecting wildlife. Through their partnership with IFAW's Room to Roam initiative, they have played a crucial role in creating a safe haven for the courageous rangers who dedicate their lives to safeguarding elephants.

The conservation of the Illaingarunyoni Conservancy was made possible through a formal agreement with the Olgulului-Ololorashi Group Ranch (OOGR) landowners, enhancing landscape connectivity and securing additional areas for wildlife and elephant roaming. This agreement spans vast territories, ranging from the Kilimanjaro ecosystem in Tanzania to Kitenden Conservancy, encompassing Amboseli National Park and extending further to the lush grazing lands in Moshi and Mount Meru in northern Tanzania via the Kajiado-Magadi-Loita elephant migration corridor.

The newly established conservancy opens avenues for local communities to benefit from wildlife-based economies, aligning with IFAW's mission of fostering the thriving coexistence of 'animals and people.' Opportunities include conservation easements, ecotourism ventures, and various payment mechanisms for ecosystem services, thereby creating essential revenue streams for disadvantaged communities.

This initiative by David Rio signifies a remarkable synergy between corporate responsibility, wildlife conservation, and community empowerment, marking a significant milestone in the realm of global conservation efforts.


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