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Room to Roam

Today, more than 150,000 elephants roam across increasingly fragmented landscapes of Eastern and Southern Africa. More than 60% of their range lies outside of formal protection, exposing them to threats and human-wildlife conflict. Climate change compounds the threat of broken landscapes, with animals like elephants risking their lives and traveling further than ever to seek essential water and food for survival. Decades of conservation efforts have called on human management and interference, often costly or temporary, but we see a better solution.

Photo by Donal Boyle - Copyright 2022

Room to Roam is a new IFAW-led visionary approach to conservation in Africa, with elephants and people leading the way. It’s a vision backed by more than 20 years of science, fieldwork and true engagement with local communities.

Room to Roam is both ambitious and urgent.The objective is to connect and expand protected spaces, beginning in East and Southern Africa, and create the room elephants need to roam. At the same time, IFAW is ensuring communities that share the land with elephants and other animals thrive alongside them. This project is critical to the survival of the Elephants within the next 20 years.

We are proud to partner with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and more than 10% percent of proceeds from the sales of our Elephant Vanilla™ Chai go towards supporting this program.

To learn more visit IFAW Room to Roam


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