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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We reached out to the David Rio Community to help us share some love and words of encouragement with everyone. Here is what we got so far.

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Stay positive, Remain in faith, Be of comfort and show Appreciation as best you can. In painful moments Pray deeper and Don't cease no matter the outcome. *God is stronger in you than you in this world, all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed*

Rose and Teal, Trinidad and Tobago

It’s ok to not feel ok or to really not feel anything. It’s ok to feel unsure of the future. We are really all in this together - staying at home and washing our hands. Find things that make you happy! Whether it’s drinking some chai or binge-watching Netflix. Not judgments at this time. We’ve got this! Stay healthy!

Kerrie, North Carolina

First thing I ordered for my quarantine stash was back up Orca Chai 3# bag!

Kate in Australia

God Bless! We are in this together! #stayhome

Tina in Wisonsin

Es tiempo de renacer. Todos estamos juntos en esto. (It is time to be reborn. We are all in this together.)

María Isabel in Mexico

And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said, We will stop it all. EVERYTHING. To protect our weaker ones. Our sicker ones. Our older ones. And nothing.. NOTHING in the history of humankind felt more like Love, than this.

Adrian, Montana

Stay positive, stay kind, stay home. We will get through this, we will meet again!

Tina in California

It is time to stand together. We can handle this situation. Stay positive, flexible, creative and at home🙂 Myriam in Germany

Our experience thus far with the virus has been to become closer as a family. I am working from home and enjoying every minute of it. I get to spend more time with my elderly mother, who lives with us, and my husband who works close to home. It has also brought us closer as a community in this small town - the entire town is walking and riding bikes with their children and saying hello to one another. This virus has slowed the pace of life and that's a.very.good.thing despite the horrific reason for it.

Marsha, Arkansas

We isolate ourselves today so when we meet ... no one is missing

Adela, Chile - David Rio Chile - Comercial Adele

Believe in little miracles made possible by many people like you. Choose love over hate. Stay strong and give thanks to things you are grateful for. Forgive and move forward. Let go and let God.

At Home in California

What you focus on grows (quote by J. Kelm). Let's focus on what's working and how we want to improve the things that are not.

Jen, Maryland

I say drink lots of David Rio Chai! It is the only thing that keeps me going through the day, and laughing!

At home in Colorado

My oldest child learned to read!

Nell in Wisconsin

As we all shelter in place this gives me time to reach out to those closest to me, those I love and those that I only reach out from time to time, wishing all safety through this pandemic as well as good health. It is always nice to receive kind words at any time. I want people to know they are being thought about and that I care. I am also thanking God for all that I can and think of, large or small, in my moments day to day. We truly have much to be thankful for.

Theresa, Nebraska

Keep a positive outlook on things don't ruminate on any "one" thing, and practice good hygiene.

Hector in California

10 volunteers signed to do virtual counseling!

Tony in California

We live with a traveling nurse as a roommate here in San Francisco, and he's doing pretty well so far, despite everything. His hospital has had a few COVID cases, but not very many because people are doing a great job sheltering in place in the Bay Area. Keep it up everyone! We're flattening the curve and it's going to make us all better off in the long-run.

Ian in California

With the pace of life slowing down, taking more time to have relaxing moments, enjoy a cup of David Rio Tiger Spice and play lots of Jenga with the family! Hoping all is well with the David Rio family of employees and customers.

Douglas - David Rio Japan - Toyo Beverage Company

I have felt inspired by restaurants making food for people who may not be able to afford it right now. The love and care in the industry blows me away every day.

At home in California

These are difficult times and my heart goes out to everyone at the company. I hope you can keep your spirits up knowing that this shall too pass. As tragic as this pandemic is, it gave us all an opportunity to appreciate the hard work of service, retail, and healthcare workers. We are all so grateful for the businesses that are taking care of their employees. I wish David Rio the very best for the future.

Paawan in California

Don’t worry guys! We’re all in this together. Just keep the faith! We have to persevere. This is the time of long-suffering. It’s a season. But through the grace of Jesus, we will come out!

Maria in California

I have been learning to notice the little things during this time. Sunshine spilling onto the sidewalk, cherry blossoms wafting in the breeze, the sweet tangy flavor of homemade pasta sauce...I have always looked at the future, living for the next adventure, or the next accomplishment. All of that has been taken away for now, and I am grateful for the gift of slowing down and treasuring each moment as it comes.

L in California

One foot in front of the other, every day. And be kind to yourself -- and each other! Heather in Maryland

I'm truly inspired by all the good I see coming out of a very difficult health care crisis. People have come together to help friends, family, neighbors and all those in need. It's important to stay positive. Take time to relax with a cup of Tiger Spice Chai and those you love.

Chef Marsha in North Carolina As we endure the shelter in place, let us use the learning to inform our future business and consumption habits for a healthy planet where people and wildlife can thrive together.

Dr. Jimmiel J. Mandima - IFAW Being home with my young children and my spouse has been exhausting at times. However, time together has given us an opportunity to understand each other's lives on a new level. I am able to watch my children learn and teach them new things everyday. The benefits of watching their education blossom and knowing that my husband and I played a key role in it is something I will always cherish. We are learning to play the cello with my 4th grader as he struggles with remote learning on an instrument, we all take the lessons together. My preschooler is slowly mastering his letters and larger life lessons. We are there to hear his constant thought process, aloud, and delve into the innocence of youth. I hope you are all able to see the benefits of your situations. I think frustration is a normal part of change, but lets focus on the joys. Kim in California


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