Spread some Encouragement

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We reached out to the David Rio Community to help us share some love and words of encouragement with everyone. Here is what we got so far.

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Stay positive, Remain in faith, Be of comfort and show Appreciation as best you can. In painful moments Pray deeper and Don't cease no matter the outcome. *God is stronger in you than you in this world, all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed*

Rose and Teal, Trinidad and Tobago

It’s ok to not feel ok or to really not feel anything. It’s ok to feel unsure of the future. We are really all in this together - staying at home and washing our hands. Find things that make you happy! Whether it’s drinking some chai or binge-watching Netflix. Not judgments at this time. We’ve got this! Stay healthy!

Kerrie, North Carolina

First thing I ordered for my quarantine stash was back up Orca Chai 3# bag!

Kate in Australia

God Bless! We are in this together! #stayhome

Tina in Wisonsin

Es tiempo de renacer. Todos estamos juntos en esto. (It is time to be reborn. We are all in this together.)

María Isabel in Mexico