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Featured Cafe: CAFE LA TAZA

Meet Carlos Martinez, the son of the founders of Cafe La Taza in San Francisco. Carlos manages their main location on Mission Street and has been involved with the family business since they opened their doors in 1996. Cafe La Taza has three fast-paced locations that carry David Rioís Cub Chai Microbrew Concentrate, and our Brand Marketing Manager, Jodet, met with Carlos to find out the story of Cafť La Taza and how it became the eclectic cafe it is today.

Be sure to check out our video featuring Cafe La Taza on our Chai Beat from the Street video page.

Jodet (J): Hi, Carlos! Thank you so much for taking time to meet with me today! Tell me, how long have you been involved in the business and what is your role?

Carlos (C): Iím Cafe La Taza's manager at the Mission location. When we opened, I was a sophomore in high school. I started working around that time, part time, of course, until I started going to college. It eventually became a full time job.

J: When did Cafe La Taza first open its doors in San Francisco?

C: We opened in 1996 in the Mission, and we then moved on to open our Post Street and 18th Street locations.

J: Thatís fantastic! Having three locations is very impressive. Any plans of developing other new locations?

C: Not at the moment. We are taking our time as we are in no rush. We have our hands full. For us, itís all about location!

J: Tell me the story of how Cafe La Taza came to fruition.

C: My parents moved here from Nicaragua and they had some experience in coffee and wanted to open up a cafť that strictly served coffee. My brother had graduated from Berkeley and my father had this location for us, so it was almost perfect. We decided, letís open up a coffee shop! My aunts and uncles also have several coffee shops in San Francisco, so you could say, itís a family affair.

J: How fun that it is a family affair! What does Cafe La Taza specialize in?

C: We used to be a specialty coffee house, strictly serving coffee. We had a prime location, so we grew tremendously and then had the opportunity to expand. We started expanding as a deli, and eventually opened a kitchen. We are a coffee shop, but we function as a deli as well and have a full kitchen and a bakery.

J: Wow, what a well-rounded establishment! What has been Cafe La Taza's response and customer feedback on David Rio Chai?

C: We tried your chai tea and we were very impressed! Itís a well-rounded chai and I like the flavor profile. Many other chai teas have a little bit of a kick, and that is it. I like David Rio Chai because it seems to have all the ingredients: the cloves, the cardamom, the cinnamon, and other spices. Itís hard to find. Itís a very good tasting product. Our customers also like it! We have had a good response.

J: Fantastic! And who are your customers?

C: Our customers are locals from the Mission District - we have the most loyal customers!

J: Thatís always very important! Thank you so much for your time again, and we are thrilled to have Cafe La Taza as our local customer.

C: Thank you for making time to come in to do the interview!

Cafe La Taza has three locations:

2475 Mission St San Francisco, CA (415) 824-7717

470 Post St San Francisco, CA (415) 392-2030

4230 18th St San Francisco, CA 415) 525-4921