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Featured Cafe: Java Beach Cafe

Meet Liliana Quiroz, the lead barista at Java Beach Cafe in San Francisco where David Rio’s Cub Chai Microbrew Concentrate is offered at its two fast-paced locations today. Its first café location on La Playa Street shaped the neighborhood and inspired community connection and gathering, leading the owners to open its second sister café on Sloat Boulevard where Liliana is. Our Brand Marketing Manager, Jodet, met with Lilianna to learn more about the eclectic nature of the place, which is frequented and adored by many locals in the area.

Be sure to check out our video featuring Java Beach Cafe on our Chai Beat from the Street video page.

Jodet (J) Hello, Liliana! It is so nice to meet you, and thank you for having me! Please tell us how long you have been working here at Java Beach Café on Sloat, and what is your role here?

Liliana (L) I have been working at Java Beach Café for about three and a half years now, and I am the lead barista at this location, where I do all the coffee training for the employees and baristas, entailing quality control, cuppings, profiling various flavors of coffees, and all that fun stuff!

(J) That sounds fantastic! You have recently added David Rio’s Cub Chai Microbrew Concentrate to your menu at your café. Tell us more about your chai offering, and what the customers’ responses have been to David Rio chai?

(L) Chai has always been on the menu and really popular since the beginning. We have changed a few different brands in the past, and now we are happily running with David Rio. We are excited as we have gotten great responses so far! A lot of our customers have been happy with the less sweet and spicier flavor combination of David Rio Cub Chai. They warmed up to it very quickly, always asking us if it is our home-made chai, and where they can purchase it for themselves!

(J) We are thrilled to hear that! Do you make a lot of dirty chai (A shot of espresso with chai)?

(L) We actually do! Many customers love dirty chai. It’s a really tasty drink and definitely one of my favorites!

(J) We love dirty chai as well, so I’m glad to hear that it’s a popular beverage at Java Beach. You seem to have a lot of regulars who visit the café! What types of customers frequent here?

(L) Yes, we are in a very close knit community, and as you noticed, we have a lot of regular customers walking in, many families from the neighborhood. We see friends and family members of the owners, local school teachers, and the firemen and policemen stop by a few times a day. We have customers who are in love with the area and spend much of their time here during the day. And, of course, we see surfers stopping by because we are right by the beach as well as people visiting the nearby San Francisco Zoo, just down the street.

(J) Great to hear that Java Beach Cafe is the gathering place for so many locals. How long has Java Beach been in business?

(L) Java Beach Café has been around for twenty years, and this location has been around a little over five years. We are the baby sister shop!

(J) And a busy sister shop it is! Please share with us how Java Beach Café started.

(L) The owners are husband and wife team, Pat and Buffy Maguire. It began with Pat wanting a place to get a good cup of coffee in the Outer Sunset District. He used to have to travel all the way to North Beach (a good 15 minute drive) to get coffee and he wanted to bring that here close by. They opened Java Beach Café on La Playa in 1993 and the place really changed the neighborhood and its community where it offered a special place for people to gather and get to know each other - it was a big game changer for the Sunset residents! Then we brought it over to the other side of the district, and created a place to gather there as well. Java Beach Café is a great spot to get good coffee and food, and a lot of people swing by multiple times a day.

(J) That’s a great history there! Tell us what Java Beach specializes in.

(L) Java Beach specializes in coffee. We roast our own beans and we have direct trade with farmers in Guatemala. Our owners have also traveled to meet the farmers and put a lot of effort into the quality of the coffee we offer. We like to keep our baristas to a high standard as well. We are constantly re-training and finding new ways to improve what we are doing and the products we offer. That’s the most special thing about us. Besides the coffee, we have quite a few tasteful sandwiches, and one of the most popular sandwiches is called the Tsunami. It’s definitely a meat heavy sandwich, but everyone loves it- it’s a satisfying, full meal!

(J) That sounds amazing! I will have to come back for the Tsunami. Well, thank you for your time Liliana, and we are thrilled to have Java Beach Café Java Beach Cafe on board. Please tell us how we can find your locations.

(L) Thanks, we are also very excited! Please stop by our two locations: Java Beach Café on La Playa at 1396 La Playa St, San Francisco, CA, (415) 665-5282 and Java Beach Café on Sloat located at 2650 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco, CA, (415) 731-2965 .

(J) Great! Thank you, again.