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Featured Cafe: RED DOOR COFFEE

Red Door Coffee's Mike Schuster took time from his busy schedule at the gorgeous bar of Red Door Coffee to meet with David Rioís Brand Marketing Manager, Jodet Ghougassian, and Director of Sales, Erin-Kate Whitcomb. Mike shared with us why the Red Door Coffee was established, and how David Rio came to be a fit in the creative hotspot at the corner of 111 Minna.

Jodet (J): Hi, Mike, thank you for having us here today. Tell us about Red Door Coffee and how it started.

Mike (M): Red Door Coffee started just over a year ago operating out of 111 Minna Gallery. The gallery has been around for 20 years. It started with a smaller space but over the years, we have expanded into this larger room. The space is primarily an art gallery, private event space, bar, and night club. It had never been open during the day before, so Red Door Coffee was a way to get the gallery open, and get people in the building and seeing the art then.

J: I am personally a big fan of your space. How did David Rio Chai make its place here among the bar beverages and espresso?

M: Many of our customers are used to flavors and variety, not just coffee or espresso, which is what we specialize in. As a way to diversify our menu and reach out to our customers who want something different, we looked into chai. I had received feedback from customers and baristas who recommended David Rio chai as a good brand, and a local brand. Local is really our focus here, which is why David Rio is such a great fit for us.

J: We are thrilled to be a part of your offering at Red Door Coffee. What is the customer response to David Rio and our chai?

M: Customersí feedback to David Rio and its chai have been very positive. We have been making a lot of chai latte and dirty chai (chai with espresso), which may fly in the face of some of our coffee purists, but we love it! It tastes great and sells very well, and the response has been wonderful.

J: What is your personal favorite David Rio chai so far?

M: It is the Tortoise Green Tea Chai! I tried it in the sample pack first and loved it. I feel like itís a great addition to our menu, and obviously Cub Chai Microbrew Concentrate and Tiger Spice Chaiģ are really good as well. Those are the three varieties that we offer at Red Door Coffee at this time.

J: Wow, thank you so much, Mike. Can you share with us what your role is at Red Door Coffee and what you love the most about it?

M: I am the manager and barista at Red Door Coffee, and I manage and take care of the space during the day. What I love most about Red Door Coffee and my role here are the customers, the space, and the gallery Ė whatís great is that I love the art and the coffee here! The gallery changes its art every month, and keeps things fresh. Itís a very dynamic environment to work in.

J: Who are your customers typically?

M: Our customers are mainly people who work in the area, who donít feel like going to a large chain coffee shop, and will walk a little farther to come enjoy our space and the unique atmosphere.

J: Thatís great to hear, Mike. Thank you so much for your time and we are so glad to have Red Door Coffee as our local customer!

M: Thank you for making the time to come in to do the interview!