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Tea Frost Thai Iced Tea 16.2-ounce standup pouch


Thai Iced Tea is a popular East Asian drink that is traditionally sold in the streets of Thailand and Thai restaurants. Compared to traditional, restaurant-style Thai Tea, David Rio uses high-quality tea and no artificial coloring. 


Our Thai Tea contains Beta Carotene to give our tea its natural orange color, MCT oil (a healthy fat) to enhance the creaminess, a blend of Black Tea + Pu Erh Tea (fermented black tea), and vegan cane sugar to add sweetness.


We recommend making this an iced drink that can be added to boba and give your customers the summer treat they’ve been missing out on!


(this item was previously under the  Super Blends line known as SuperBlends  Thai Iced Tea)

Tea Frost Thai Iced Tea



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