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Chocolate Chai Truffles

The Japanese word for cooked rice is 'gohan' - literally translated, it means "honorable food," and eating mochi in the New Year is said to bring luck.  Make today your lucky day! Make these chai dusted mochi treats and share them with family and friends to make any day, your lucky day.

For step-by-step instructions, check out Rio's Recipe Video for this recipe.



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Everyone needs a sweet treat to make this a deliciously fulfilling start to spring! Dip and roll your way through our blend of chocolate and David Rio Chai.


2/3 cup heavy cream
2-1/3 cup (14 oz) chocolate chips (semisweet, milk, or white)
1 cup David Rio Chai

For coating:
1 1/2 cups sweetened semisweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 teaspoons vegetable oil
Optional: 1/2 cup cocoa powder, finely chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or powdered sugar


In a medium saucepan, heat cream on low heat until small bubbles appear around the edges. Remove the saucepan from the heat.

In a medium bowl, combine chocolate chips and chai. Pour in the hot cream and let stand for one minute. Whisk gently until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth. Transfer to a 7 x11 inch baking pan and let stand at room temperature until firm, at least four hours. The mixture can also be chilled in the refrigerator until it is just firm enough to roll into balls, about an hour.

Line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Using a mini ice cream scoop, melon baller, or spoon, portion out chocolate and place on paper. Roll between your palms to form 1-inch round balls. Freeze the balls until completely firm.

Meanwhile, prepare the coating. In the top part of a double boiler over very hot, but not simmering water, melt the chocolate chips and oil, stirring occasionally until smooth. Line another baking sheet with wax paper. If using, place the cocoa powder, finely chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or powdered sugar in a small, shallow dish.

Pick up a chocolate ball and place it in the palm of your hand. Spoon about 1 tablespoon of the melted chocolate over the ball. Completely coat the ball of chocolate by lightly rolling between your palms. If using, transfer the dipped truffle to the cocoa or other coating and roll to cover completely. Transfer to the clean baking sheet. Refrigerate truffles until chocolate coating is set.

Makes 2 dozen truffles.








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