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Enthiran Tamil Movie Free Download Hd (Latest)




The movie also received a Tamil dubbed version, titled Vanakkam Chennai Thalaivan (2015). In June 2015, the film was selected by South Indian Broadcasters Association (SIBA) as the official entry for Tamil Nadu State Cinema Awards 2015 (for the year 2014). Plot A great battle has been waged among the Asuras (demons) and Devas (gods) and the war has intensified. Dhruv, a son of Indra (chief of Devas) along with other gods wants to regain the control of the Devas. He was supported by the Prime Minister of Devas. Dhruv was granted a boon by Brahma the creator (the most powerful Deva) to enslave the Asuras permanently. Unable to face the fight with Asuras and unable to bear the agony of many of his Deva brethren dying on Earth, Dhruv accepts the boon. Indra refuses to let his son's intentions materialize. With his support, Indra sends his four sons (Drona, Karna, Kumbhakarna, and Bhagadatta) to fight with Dhruv. Dhruv captures the Asuras on Earth, and traps them in a dense forest that is surrounded by many deadly traps. The forest itself is full of magic. Dhruv follows the word of his mother Mahadevi (also known as Devakamani) and the fort of the Devas. There are two battles. The one between Dhruv and his four brothers and the second between Dhruv and the Asuras. Indra's son, Shatrughna, informs Indra that Dhruv has lost the first battle. Then Indra himself arrives at the spot. Indra wants to take revenge on the Asuras and free the Devas from Dhruv's clutches. He reminds Dhruv that it is a curse he can't undo. With the help of the fourth Deva, Prajapati (a Brahma), the Devas win. Meanwhile, while Bhagadatta is away on a hunting trip, Karna gets into a skirmish with the Asuras and loses one of his eyes. With one of his eyes, Karna takes revenge and severely wounds the Asuras. When Bhagadatta comes, he takes the body of his son Karna as an act of revenge. The Devas were celebrating that Dhruv has been killed by his own brothers. The Devas plan to claim the body of Karna as



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Enthiran Tamil Movie Free Download Hd (Latest)

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