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How to empty your vacuum - Dyson models and Roomba robot vacuum

To ensure your vacuum performs excellently in cleaning tasks, you need to take care of it correctly. One of the most common acts to maintain your vacuum is empty and clean the dust bin after every cleaning session. Learn how to empty Dyson vacuum models and Roomba robot vacuums in this tutorial.

How to empty a Dyson vacuum

There are many Dyson models since the vacuum technology is developing over the years. I’ll try to cover as many models as I can, but you can find the post “How to empty a Dyson vacuum: The quickest & easiest ways” to learn the full process from emptying to cleaning the dust cup of all Dyson vacuums.

1. Dyson Ball Vacuum

Since the Dyson Ball Vacuum’s dust cup is detachable, you can remove it by pressing the button at the top of the cup. Empty it over the trash can, don’t forget to shake and tap the cup to get rid of all the debris inside.

2. Dyson V6 to V8

Hold the vacuum over the trash can, then press the red button to open the bottom of the dust cup. This is the quick way to empty this model. If you want to remove the dust cup to clean it thoroughly, press the red button again.

3. Dyson V10 to V15

First, remove the suction wand by pressing the Wand Release button. Then bring the vacuum over the trash can. Find the red latch and push it to open the dust cup door. Shake all the debris out and you’re done. To remove the dust cup from the unit, find the small button with the white arrow and press it to slide the dust cup out.

Remember to turn off and unplug the vacuum before you remove the dust cup for safety. And that is how to empty a Dyson vacuum.

How to empty a Roomba robot vacuum

Even though these Roomba robot vacuums look the same on the outside, their design is slightly different inside. It’s best to follow the guideline of each model so I divided them into different categories so it’s easier for you to find your model. You can learn more about maintaining the Roomba with the post “How to empty roomba - A step-by-step guide to clean your irobot vacuum the right way”.

1. Roomba 600 series

Press the tab on the edge of the vacuum to open the dustbin. Then pull the dustbin out and empty it over the trash can. Don’t forget to empty the filter (located inside the dustbin) as well and then you’re good to go.

2. Roomba 800 and 900 series

Press the tab on the edge to pull the dustbin out and open the dustbin door to shake out all the debris inside. Finally, take the filter out and empty it to complete the task.

3. Roomba s9 series

Lift the lid on top of the vacuum and pull the handle on the side to remove the dustbin. Next, take the filter out to empty it. Then press the gray button to release the content inside the dustbin.

4. Roomba i7+ and S9+

These models are self-empty so you only have to take out the Roomba bag at the charging station.

Final words

We’ve reached the end of this tutorial. I hope you find the right guideline to empty your vacuum cleaner. To learn more about maintaining your precious cleaning machine, visit for more information.


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