This is our signature Masala spice blend that makes our Masala Chai so special. The seven spices are known for their culinary flavors and therapeutic qualities. Use it to spice up your favourite tea. Or get creative and make mulled wine, stews and desserts (chai cupcakes, chai brulee, chai gelato). Makes ~35 cups of chai.

Brewing Suggestions:
Make Masala chai the traditional Indian way: Heat 8 oz water in a pot. As the water comes to a boil, add 2 tsp of tea and sugar to taste. Steep tea for 2 min. Add 3 oz milk (whole, 2% or soy) and bring to a boil again. Turn off heat, cover for a min (optional, makes chai extra strong) and strain the chai into a cup.

Other ways to enjoy Masala Tea:
Steep 2 tsp of tea in boiling hot water for 3-4 min using either an infusing ball, french press or tea pot infuser. Add hot milk and sugar to taste

Masala Spice Blend Tin



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