Cub Chai 32‑ounce bottle


After many years of development and effort, David Rio launched its microbrew concentrate, Cub Chai Original, in October 2013. This year, it made its transformation to the newly designed full shrink recyclable label and bottle with the same superb taste! Cub Chai Original continues to stand strong as the boisterous progeny of our beloved Tiger Spice Chai®. Born and bred in Santa Cruz, California - the birthplace of American chai - this bold sure-sell continues to grow in popularity, taking over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Combining a balance of organic Indian black tea and complex spice notes, Cub Chai Original is a vegan and all natural microbrew concentrate with defined flavors of fresh pressed ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and a hint of brown sugar. Cub Chai Original can be prepared by adding 1 part milk (or milk substitute) to 1 part chai concentrate.

Cub Chai Original



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