David Rio's Premium Ingredients

Traditionally, chai is a mixture of several ingredients starting with a great black tea, combined with a sweetener, a cream and many delicious and distinctive spices. David Rio uses the highest quality ingredients available, sourced from around the world, to deliver its distinctive fresh aroma & taste. Also, David Rio products are certified Kosher, are free from hydrogenated oils, trans fats and gluten. For all of our chai varieties except for Power Chai®, we have conveniently blended a non-dairy creamer.

Listed below, are some of the primary ingredients in our chai and where they are from. If you have a specific inquiry regarding an ingredient not listed here, please feel free to call us at 800-454-9605 or email us.

♦ Perfectly balanced black & green teas
♦ Exotic, premium spices from Madagascar, Guatemala & Indonesia
♦ Chinese ginger
♦ Real cane sugar
♦ Real honey granules