David Rio's New Gold Standard and Label Change

David Rio's New Gold Standard and Label Change

We hope you are doing well and we appreciate your continued business! We would like to inform you of revisions on the retail canister labels that will appear soon.

nutrition panel comparision

To accommodate the changing palates of our customers who prefer a less sweet cup of chai, we have updated our Gold Standard serving size. Although we have made the following changes, we assure you that our product formula and quality remain the same:

14 oz signature chai for Tiger Spice Chai, Elephant Vanilla, Tortoise Green Tea, Tiger Spice Decaffeinated (formerly known as Giraffe Decaf), and Toucan Mango:
  • Current serving size: 35g per serving → New Gold Standard: 28g per serving
  • These labels will reflect a decrease in calorie count and other recalculations of nutrition value per serving
  • And, because of the reduced grams per serving, each canister will yield more cups of chai!
11.9 oz Sugar-free Chai (Orca Spice, and Flamingo Vanilla), Power Chai (Power Chai Matcha and Power Chai Espresso), and Maple Moose:
  • After multiple tastings, we concluded that the Gold Standard for these products should remain the same

We have also updated our labels to comply with some of our major international markets, including Europe, and to use a universal label for all markets. Other changes will include:

  • New statements, such as "non-GMO" and "Lactose Free", added on the back of the labels
  • Individual ingredients of our premium, proprietary creamer listed in the order of their percentage of content, from greatest to least
  • Some of the ingredients in our creamer list their functions, such as emulsifier for Soy Lecithin
  • European Nutrition Fact listed in multiple languages

As we deplete our current packaging materials, you will gradually see the above changes in the retail canister labels as well as other David Rio products.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we appreciate your patience during this transition.